OB Van

Outside Broadcast (OB) VAN

Digital Satellite News Gathering ( DSNG) & Outside Broadcast (OB) VAN

Mr. Shyam Salvi designs, Fabrication design and integrates complete line of quality, fully featured and competitively priced customised vehicles for the broadcast and communication market. Whether you are looking for an ENG, DSNG or Combo Unit, the vehicles can be designed to meet your demanding requirements.

The use of high quality equipment, proven and reliable installation methods based on the state of the art design provides unmatched advantage in the integration of the vehicles over the years. All Three HD OB VAN Designed vehicles have been used by NEWS EXPRESS with integrated 4 HD Camera Setup, successfully serving for last 1 Years.

NEWS EXPRESS OB Van specifications :

AVL 1.2m Ku Band Carbon Fiber Antenna with Fully‐Auto‐Acquire RC3000A

Controller (2RU, w/Compass, GPS & DVB and Encoder Motors)

2‐Port Ku‐band Precision Feed with Polarization Drive

AMPLUS 100W KU Band SSPA with BUC with L Band Input

Harmonic HD Encoder Modulator with L band output (MPEG 4) with DVB‐S2 Feature

The Ellipse 2000 Compact DSNG Encoder

MPEG‐4 AVC Standard Definition and High Definition 4:2:0

Encoder/modulator in a 1‐RU unit. Designed for

Digital satellite contribution applications, the Ellipse 2000 features a

Professional broadcast quality encoder and a built‐in DVB‐S, DVB‐S2 and DVB‐DSNG modulator with L‐Band and IF outputs.

Professional IRD MPEG 4

Proview 7K ATO Model consisting of: PVR‐7K‐CHS‐AC‐0001, PVR‐7K‐DVBSLC‐ 0001, PVR‐7K‐DEC‐GEN, FW‐PVR‐7K‐DVBS2

4 TFT 2RU Rack Mount Monitoring with SD/HD‐ SDI/Composite/Analog with audio monitoring